Product Review: SugarPOP shoes

Note: I haven’t been paid, cajoled, bribed, or gifted anything for this post. I’m just in love.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll have seen the same thing over and over again on my outfit of the day posts: “Shoes: Popping Candy from Kabella Baby”. There’s a reason for that.

I’ve always struggled with heels. When I was 14, I dislocated my knee skiing and made the extremely bright decision to strap it up and finish out the last six weeks or so of the football season. I do not recommend doing this. Needless to say, my knees have been dodgy ever since. I’d pretty much given up on being able to hear heels apart from sitting at my desk at work when the wonderful Kaye at Kabella Baby insisted that I try a pair on.

I swear these must be the most comfortable heels in the known universe. I have worn my SugarPOPs to Christmas in the Park, on multi-hour shopping trips, dancing, to Orana Park and Willowbank, and just all day around the house when I’m doing chores. The bows can be bought separately and can be switched out or removed entirely, for some very cool looks!

And… there’s a chance I’ve gotten slightly obsessed with them:

Image: My SugarPOP shoes, surrounded by petticoats. In order: Dragonglass (black), Redrum (red), Reign (purple with paisley on the heel), Salute (navy), High Tea (pink with white polka dots), Spotted (black with white polka dots and a solid white heel) and ChaCha (gold glitter with a solid non-glitter gold heel). With a bonus pair of Habana Chocolaticas at the bottom for those extremely rare occasions where flat shoes are required!

The sizing is reasonably roomy—I’m normally a 9.5-10, and the size 9 in these fits really nicely. One of my friends wears a 6 where she’s normally a 7, while another is an 8 in everything including these. So if you’re able to get to a stockist and try some on in person, I would definitely recommend it to save yourself potentially having to sort out a return! New Zealand stockists include: Kabella Baby in Christchurch (which is where I bought all of mine!), 19 Black in Hamilton, Vintage Honey’s Parlour in Dunedin, and Vintage Addiction in Auckland. Alternatively, you can find Popping Candy at their website or on Facebook. They are a very reasonable $120 NZD ($100 AUD for my friends across the ditch).

But enough gushing—here’s just a sample of my amazing outfits that have been totally jazzed up by these incredible shoes! If you want to see more, you should definitely make sure you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram 🙂

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